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Mr.Chair was a beloved chair, Who only appeared in "Roblox Rap Battles", He rapped about robux and coolness, Until he remembered his abondoned son while Talking to his other son in game, He then sacrificed himself for his mistake, Mr.Chicken (Mr.Chair's abondoned son) found his brother in game, He talked to his brother about what happened to him, Mr.Chicken did the same as his father to find him, Until some weird hacker guy went in game and claimed he was the brother of Mr.Chicken, He talked to his other brother about the truth of Mr.Chair, He revealed the truth that "brother" was girl, and then told her that "he" is NOT the son of Mr.Chair, He then went to say that Mr.Chair abused them both, but anyways, May the legend of Mr.Chair live on, R.I.P Mr.Chair, 1955-2004.